COB LED Strip: A Revolution in LED Technology

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have come a long way since their inception in the 1960s. They have become a ubiquitous source of lighting, found in everything from smartphones to streetlights. LEDs are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and have a long lifespan, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. However, LED technology is continually evolving, and the latest development in the field is the COB LED strip.
COB stands for “Chip on Board,” and this technology involves mounting multiple LED […]

All the things you want to know about COB LED Strip

Why is COB LED Strip so popular on market?
A: COB LED Strip’s advantage is obvious, it can bring a much better lighting effect, a longer lifespan and lower light decay. Because COB Strip’s LED Chip has mounted on PCB directly, which is much better for heat dissipation. How about the cost? Comparting to a normal SMD strip, COB not only has the bigger advantage but also with better price. NEWSTAR LED is one of the first batches of factories that invest in COB strip […]

Labor’s Day Holiday Information

Labor’s Day is coming, we’ll have 5 days holiday, it’s from 30th April to 4th May, we’ll be back to work on 5th May. Because of the quarantine of Covid-19, our orders have all piled up, our production line is still working 24hours per day, 2 shifts. Currently, LED strip delivery time is a little longer than usual, for any purchasing plan, please kindly arrange it in advance. NEWSTAR LED the whole team will keep all production and procedures […]

We are back to work and ready for your orders.

We are back to work from New Year’s holiday, our factory is ready for your orders and inquiries of any LED Strip. COB LED Strip is more and more popular, our sales on COB Strips has increased crazily, it’s has covered 60% of our sales now, and we trust it may reach to 80% this year. since it meets the trend of market development.

Newest COB Dotted LED Strip is on market

The newest COB Dotted LED Strip is a newer technology and craft which is based on normal COB LED Strip. It’s not only simplified the craft and reduced the cost, but also comes with a better lighting effect and longer lifespan. Following are the main advantages,

1. Bigger size LED Chip 0.5w/pc to do 10w/m which can ensure a longer lifespan.
2. No worries about getting moisture even you keep it in stock for a long time thanks to the special […]

COB LED Strip RGB Color is on market, high density 840leds per meter.

COB LED Strip RGB Color is on market, it’s high-density 840leds/m, which will make a more uniform lighting effect. COB RGB LED Strip is spotless and wide beam angle 180°.

It can be extrusion waterproof IP65 with silicone glue, normal waterproof IP67 with silicone tube and waterproof IP68.

For more details, please kindly check our COB LED Strip datasheet 

What’s COB Strip? And why LED COB Strip is more and more popular?

What is LED COB Strip? 
COB means Chip-on-Board, the led chip is mounting on PCB directly and then covered with the continuous phosphor layer. Normal LED Strip with single and independent SMD LED, even there are smaller sizes and higher led density for choice, such as 2216smd and 2210smd, it’s hard to avoid the dark area between SMD LED. But COB LED Strip can be spotless.
Why LED COB Strip is more and more popular? 
Because of the different craft on production, COB LED Strip […]